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Haul | December 26, 2014

This is a package sent to me by EV. Take a look!

Hmmm as you can see he's not into wrapping things... oh well. Hehe. He used a shoe-box and a plastic shopping bag to hold everything.

Onto what was inside...

He sent me a black leather sling bag which was a actually his Xmas present from a coworker during their Manito-manita or Xmas party. Lol. He did not like it so he gave it to me. No worries since I like the bag. (I'll consider this bag as a gift.) Next, an A4tech optical mouse which was supposedly a USB-type one, but he said the first one got broken, so he bought this one instead. (This is not considered as a gift since I asked him to buy this one for me. Haha.) Third one is Nutella! Yummm! Not surprisingly, it did not even last for a week. Now as a real gift to me, he sent me a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (with a complementary red case) instead of a smartphone... he initially asked me to choose between Asus Zenfone 5 or Cherry Mobile Flare 3 and I said I like Zenfon 5 better, but.... okay, a gift is a gift. Lol. He also sent a tube of  aloe vera gel from Banana Boat which I also asked him to buy for me. It's hard to find an aloe vera gel in a tube in my area. The rest of the items are some extra pens/stationery items that he accumulated.  There's an EGS planner, a customized minutes notepad from his boss(?), coloring books for Kian and a pack of crayons (which of course got broken the instant Cynthia got hold of them...).

Well, I did expect more food though..hahaha. 

Thank you EV and also Kuya Emman for sending the package to Grandtours.

*But why is Xmas Day always rainy here?!*

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