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Friday, October 17, 2014

First Impression Review: AVON Solutions Sun Cool Fresh UV Protective Lotion

WHAT: A sunscreen product for the face.

1. To give external protection from the sun with its SPF30 PA++ skin broadband UVA/UVB protection.
2. To give internal defense through its formulation that strengthen skin's fundamental defense power against the sun and environmental stressors.
3. Helps improve skin's protection against skin damage.
4. Non-greasy.
5. Non-sticky.
6. Suitable for all skin types.

It's true that this product is non-greasy and non-sticky. It feels lightweight and is easily absorbed by the skin. It also has a refreshing aloe scent. When I checked the ingredients list, I was not surprised when I saw that it has aloe. I have normal to dry skin type and so far I do not have any problems with this product. It does have an icy cool feeling when you apply it on your skin, but I only felt that on my first use.

  • Lightweight
  • Non-greasy.
  • Non-sticky.
  • Easily absorbed by the skin.

  • May easily comes off when you sweat excessively. So, you will need to apply often if you are staying under the sun, and/or will be swimming for long periods of time. 
  • Non-economical. It only contains 30g of product so it is not recommended for those who are always under the sun.
Will you recommend an/or repurchase? I only recommend this to those who have the same skin type as mine not to those people who have sensitive skin as it has an icy cool feeling (even though they said it's formulated for all skin types.) As for any skincare products, please do a PATCH TEST on your skin before use. Maybe I will repurchase this because I do need a sunscreen product. (I think everybody does especially if you live in a tropical country!) But I think it's not always available in my area's AVON branch/outlet.

I bough this for Php199.00 I couldn't remember it's regular price.

This is all. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: This is NOT a sponsored post. I bought this product with my own money. My thoughts are 100% based on my personal experience with this product.

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