Friday, January 9, 2015

First Impression Review | Eskinol's Gluta-Milk Whitening Facial Toner (and some skincare tips)

Hello it's toffeemerry here again. In this post I'll be sharing my experience with this facial toner. Find out if it works for me or not, after the jump!

I purchased this toner on September 1, 2014 so it has been four months already since I've been using this. I don't use this often though. Only when I feel that my face becomes oily/rough and also when I put on some makeup. That's the reason why it lasted so long! Haha.

Price: Not sure how much exactly but I think it's less than a hundred pesos.

I still have this much as of January 8, 2015.

As a reference, my skin type is normal to dry.

First Impression: It stings! I felt a little bit uncomfortable when I first use this toner on my face. But on my succeeding use it doesn't sting anymore. It is somewhat drying on the skin too, maybe because it has alcohol in it. Now, this sounds bad because I have normal to dry skin type right? Yeah, but for me it's okay since I really want to rub off those excess oils and I only use this when I  have makeup on and my skin looks greasy. Aside from that, I always put on a moisturizer after using this. (Based on my research this toner is an astringent-type. Astringents contain alcohol. Now, that's the reason why it stings and drying on the skin!) 

Results: I don't think it whitened my face but rather it brightened it. I also do not get any breakout when I am using this so it's good, but I am aware that there are some bloggers/reviews online that says this toner gave them breakouts! 

Please be careful and don't forget to patch test any (new) product that you will use.

...How I use this toner...

This is what my skin looks like in the evening before washing my face. No makeup. The blemish I have here is actually a healing mosquito bite! Eeek

I wash my face and neck with a cleanser or facial wash, and I let my skin dry naturally for a few minutes, or pat dry with a towel.

Forehead first in a gentle swiping and/or patting motion. Don't rub.
I use a round cotton pad with some toner in it and gently massage-pat onto my skin. (I learned not to rub toner onto the face to avoid developing fine lines and irritations!) The T-zone or the oily parts of your face should be targeted first and just lightly on the other areas.

I also sometimes get more product (about 2-3 drops) onto my palms and press it onto my forehead, chin, cheeks, and also neck. 

This is how dirty my face is.... haha.
Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel and Strip It!' Aloe Vera Gel.

(4)I ALWAYS use a moisturizer after the previous step to ensure that my skin is well moisturized. I currently use aloe vera gel.

"Press" massage.

(5)If I have more time or don't feel lazy (ha!), I do some light facial massage. The purpose is to drain excess fluid on the face.Have you heard of "Yukuko Tanaka Lymph Facial Massage"? It's interesting and seems to be effective too. But to be honest, I am too lazy to do face massage most of the time. :p

Will you repurchase and recommend this product?
Probably not, since I don't really see a need for a toner and this toner does not exactly match my skin type, too. I also found that it's not readily available in my area. I would not recommend this to anyone, as I am not sure if it works for most people. If you are interested in using this, please consider your skin type first and again, please do a patch test before using.

Overall rating: 3 out of 5.
- it stings on first use/ contains alcohol/ can be drying
+ lightly scented (smells pleasant to me)
+ removes excess oil
+ kind of brightened my skin tone


Thanks for checking this post.

Until next post! ^^.
(*This is not a sponsored post. I bought the item with my own money, and my thoughts are 100% based on my experience with this product.*)

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