Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rose Surprise!?

Yesterday I received three white roses and a small teddy bear. 

Apparently this is for no special reason... I don't even know what to think about the message written on the card. Sigh. 

Yes, I really like them. Who doesn't like roses or flowers?

I am currently keeping them on our dining table and hoping they will not wilt too soon.

They are so fragrant that I just can't help wishing I can have them all-year-round.

But to be honest... I wasn't really surprised because I knew he ordered some flowers online.

Funny. Of course I did not tell him I knew about it. 

It's thoughtful of him to send these...though it would have been way better if it was fitting a special occasion. Which reminds me of our anniversary... 

Also, I can't help to remember last V-day when he asked if I got his flowers and I was like "What flowers?!" Haha. Disappointing. So it was the same company that he tried last year and he said he was happy "it worked." Like he was expecting that the flowers won't arrive again. Haha. Can't blame him though.

But, yeah. For me these are already expensive flowers and the thought is what should count, right? 

IDK. I think I'll stop here... again, thank you Mr. E for the flowers, etc.

BTW, if you're interested you can check these at

I checked the website and I think this is what I was sent:

...and the teddy bear was just an additional item that you can add when you check out your order on their website. The bear is pictured below from a a special bouquet that they offer. It cost 2K pesos plus!!! Freaking expensive. Haha. But it's so cute and...oh, stop! Haha. I think the chocolates is what really got me... Nah, it just looks so perfect to me because of the old-fashion but definitely romantic combination of these three. Besides I love red roses! I think I should buy one for my self! :D


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