Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random things I bought today after a stressful exam (sometimes I just can't help my self).

Bought some stuffs at our downtown area... *puff* 
I broke my promise that I will be a wise spender! T_T 
I was so upset earlier that I wasn't able to resist window shopping...
I eventually bought some stuffs. (*sorry*)
The following are the things I bought:

2 nail polishes, Caronia (P54.50)
1 round hairbrush, Paganini (P47.75)
1 rat tail comb, Hong Xing (P19.95)
3 cards of black hair pins, Flower Brand (P9.95)
2 packs of clear elastic bands, TPU Brand (P10.00)
2 sets of multi-colored ponytail bands (P15.00)
1 transparent bag (P19.95)
slim blue metal(?) headband (P20.00)

 slim blue metal(?) headband
sa bangketa ni manang, labas ng Gaisano Capital
(*maganda yung nilalako niyang retro shades, tsk.
Sayang nga eh from P70 pwede raw P60 na lang.*)

from P19.95 to P15.00 and that's 2 sets! 

I've been disappointed with this one though...
the zipper broke after  my first attempt to close it.
Plus, the zipper itself is not well made! tsk..

*Golden Sun - P27.75

*Tahiti Brown - P26.75

**From Gaisano Capital except the slim headband**


Oh, btw, the ribbon wasn't bought but I brought it with me anyway..hehehe. Their Department store has a lot of ribbon fall-offs from their clips.
Souveneir! =p 
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