Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Shop (name)!

Hi there! I finally decided to move out of my shop's previous FB page. EMLS is now known as
Verry Merry!
My reason for moving out? My close friends and acquaintances that are on FB doesn't readily recognize my shop, so I changed its name into something recognizable as mine.
Why not just change the name of the previous shop? Hmmm since FB doesn't allow one to change the username/ the page's URL or so, I decided to create  a new one. Furthermore, I find my old shop's name too foreign-sounding, and a long name for a shop.
What's new to this shop? Of course, new items! Don't worry most items are still available, but I'm still not finished uploading them back. I am also re-grouping/ categorizing the items for customers to browse easily on which albums they like.
BTW, I am planning on having a Thank You Giveaway soon, so please check the page often. Don't forget to visit, and please "Like" us on Facebook. That's it for now. Thanks!

VerryMerry! (TheShop)

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