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Haul | March 27, 2012 - Tacloban City DT Area, thrifting, hair products, shoes!, etc.

Hi I went out last Tuesday to buy a couple of things and to load my GCash wallet but sadly I wasn’t able to accomplish the latter, because GPS didn’t open that day. Probably it was because of the ugly weather we’ve just experienced…I really thought there was a typhoon or something, err. Point is, it ruined my day. 

Anyway, going to my haul I purchased (due to some sort of stress due to frustration) I bought a couple of things that I still don’t know if I should be happy about or what.
First, I bought a cheap purple umbrella for Eric (he asked me to buy that after he went to work and came back dripping wet >.< LOL I always tell him to bring an umbrella but he’s too stubborn…). It costs PhP 50 only not bad for a "disposable” but dependable umbrella. I think mine lasted over a year! Can you believe that? That's why I don't believe that anything cheap is non-quality.

Next I went to an Ukay-Ukay shop or secondhand/ thrift shop near Rusty Lopez downtown. This is where I went really nuts!!! >.< I bought a new *bag (yes, it’s new because they also sell brand-new stuffs like clothes and bags, etc.) in an animal-print design. I think it was a travelling bag because it’s kind of big and roomy for a baga. I’ll be using this when Kian and I go home next week. They sell it for around 250 but they claim that its last price is 180, so of course I made tawad/ haggled! (Last price is actually they’re selling price..Duh! So, always make tawad.)
(* I gave it to mom. She needs it.)

I was actually not going to buy a pair of shoes, but I ended up buying two pairs! wtf! How can anyone like me who’s been dreaming of wearing a good pair of boots resist a bargain or two?!! When I saw those boots I said to myself I will not buy them if they feel uncomfortable, but my golly they felt awesome and they’re exactly my size! Meant to be? Plus although they’re not new, they’re still fine, well at least for me. The boots costs 200 instead of 280, if I remembered it right.

I also bought a nice pair of minty green shoes just because they fit well and the tindero/seller said they would give it to me for 150 instead of 180. >.< Uwat talaga ako..huhuhuhu. 

Lastly after a ride from the jeepney,I stopped by Godsend grocery to buy some food (‘cos it was early in the afternoon already when I came back). I bought some puto or red rice cake to be exact and paired it with VitaMilk. I realized that we ran out of soap and shampoo so I also bought a bottle of St. Ive’s Aloe Vera Shampoo (I can’t read the labels, they’re not English), a pack of soap from Palmolive (the orange one because they have a promo), and then a bottle of Pantene’s Hair Fall Control Conditioner which has a free Hair Fall Control Intensive Treatment (a hair mask??) just because I feel like I’m going to get bald from shedding a lot of hair. Ena said her HHN shampoo is causing it, which I didn’t mind at first, but later on I became a bit alarmed from the amount of hair fall I get lately. My hair problem started just this month, and I also think this is because of the stress I experienced from previous week’s “Hell Week” at school. And to add to that I am also experiencing dandruff now! :( Is this just because of hormones or something? Please go away. 

In summary, I bought the following stuffs:
  1. *An animal-print travelling bag  – 180
  2. Thrifted black ankle boots – 200
  3. Thrifted mint high heels – 150
  4. Food (red rice cakes+VitaMilk) – 28+23= 51
  5. Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner with a free Hair Fall Control Intensive Treatment – 101
  6. *St. Ive’s Aloe Vera Shampoo? -125
Which after writing this post I remembered the song Broken Vow or should I say An Ode to my Piggy Bank/ Wallet. >.<

PICS! (scroll down). I added these late...

Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner & Intensive Hair Treatment (hair mask)
Godsend grocery, PhP 101.00

Ms. Kris Aquino as their endorser.

The hair mask is very moisturizing. My hair likes their formulation, but I hate their packaging >.<

I wish they come up with a more fragrant version of these, because at times I get irritated by its's kind of too strong for me. IDK. Yes, it's fragrant, but I prefer a more fruity/ flowery scent. Well, that's just me. >.<

Now, for the shoes!!! (Ukay-ukay/ thrifted)
The first one is a pair of "lace up" ankle boots (each boot has a zipper on it's inner side).


..the previous owner might have tossed these because it has a small spot of  glitter blemish (back of left boot).

The second one is a light blue (?) or blue grey pair of shoes.

Yep, it does looked so used, but I like how my feet looks like in it :) 

Only the insole looks bad, the heels are fine (not shown here).

...Other stuffs...
..a bow clip which later on I decided to give to my younger sis even though I know that she doesn't take good care of my gifts :( Maybe, too young?)

A set of travel essentials like small cream jars, shampoo/ conditioner dispensers? basically for personal care/ toiletries.. this particular kit includes a spatula for taking out some cream on jars, and a small pump, which reminds me of those marker ink refills that comes with the same pump?/ refiller, and a small atomizer for perfume/ cologne, etc.

..the last three items were a small padlock and a key, and two adaptors for my laptop and my phone's charger.

*No pic/s. I gave the bag to my mom, but I'll probably get another one soon. The St. Ive's shampoo was already thrown out >.< we love aloe!

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