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Haul | June 27, 2014

Hi! I'm back again for another haul from NOVO Jeans and Shirts (NVJS).

Back when I was still in high school I used to visit this store and do "window shopping". Haha. Lots of high schoolers are still doing the same thing these days (at least in my area). Although, there are already lots of competition (Vida Mariz, Centro, et.), many people still go to this place to buy their supplies and whatnot. As people would always say "magpapahagkot kami sa aircon (We'll cool ourselves from the store's AC)." Haha. I am not sure I've translated that correctly. I also remembered that they used to sell food stuff back when I was still in HS, but now not a single food item was on sale. Hmmmm. What happened?

Anyway, these are not all of the items I bought from this store. I'll just be sharing those things I bought for myself. The other items were actually household items and/or cleaning supplies. I will tell you about the other stuff later. :p

Sorry for this lousy pic. My lighting is bad as usual. :p
So, what did I buy?
1. Eyelash Curler Rubber Refill Pads (5 pieces) - bargain @ Php10.00
2. Synthetic Angled Eyeliner Brush (sorry not pictured well) - bargain @ Php5.00
3. Small Basket/Caddy - Php30.00
4. Rubber Slippers - bargain @ Php40.00
5. Bathroom/Shower Curtain - Php120.00 (I actually bought another one but it was cheaper, about Php60.00 but it was so thin. Eeek!)
6. Digital Clock (batteries not included so I bought two AA batteries for Php10.00) - Php175.00

Okay, so the other household items I bough were two dippers, a pair of rubber gloves for my mom, and a bowl cleaner thing-y. I don't even know the name. My mom already threw the packing, but it was a pink thing-y and each piece has it's own plastic container. The pack has two of these pink toilet bowl cleaner. Haha (I don't even know why I'm mentioning this).

So that's it. I will be posting about some skincare stuff soon, or probably another haul. I am actually waiting for 2GO to deliver the last item I ordered from Lazada. The other two items were already delivered to me yesterday. I'm planning to post a review of the items soon. :)

Thanks for reading!

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See you on my next post. Cheerio!

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