Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: DoDo House Hello Kitty "I Miss You" (Strawberry) Lip Balm

DoDo House Hello Kitty Strawberry Lip Balm in its original packaging.

I've had this lip balm for over a year now. I purchased this online on February 2013!

What is this?: Lip balm in a small round tin can container.

Scent/variant: Strawberry (so sweet-smelling!)

Color/tint: Pink

Uses: I use this as a lip balm but I also use this as a cheek tint and even as an eyelid moisturizer/primer!

SRP: Php180.00 but I bought this for about Php130.00 only.

  • Moisturization, 5/5
  • Packaging, 4/5 (I prefer using lip balms in a tube because they're easy to carry but this one's pretty cute...)
  • Color/tint, 4/5 (my lips are darker so I'm not usually comfortable with pinks on me but they're okay and it doesn't look too much)
  • Chapped lips prevention, 4/5 (if you use this everyday)
  • Overall feel, 5/5 (non-sticky)
So, yeah this is definitely one of my favorite lip balms. If I compare this to HHN's lip balm I must say this has a long-lasting fragrance than the HHN lip balms. You see, it's been over a year since I purchased this DoDo lip balm, yet the original scent is still there. Maybe it's because HHN's lip balms have more natural ingredients, or they have less preservatives compared to DoDo lip balms. Just my theory, though. Hehe.

Highly recommended! :-D

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