Sunday, July 27, 2014

My LAZADA shopping experience (My first and maybe last order from them)

Hello! Today I'm gonna be sharing about my experience ordering at

These are the items that I ordered from them:

1. Plantronics Audio 326 - Php890.00 or USD20.45

2. Milea Aloe Vera Burn Soothing Gel (65g) - Php200.00 or USD5.00

3. Milea Propolis Throat Spray (10ml) - Php150.00 or USD3.44

Well, guess what? I only received the first two items. The headset's ALMOST useless. Its mic was faulty. It's as if I'm talking with a glass/cup on my mouth whenever I use the mic. I mainly use this as a headphone now. On the other hand, the Aloe Vera gel was good (will review next time).

I ordered these items on June 27, 2014 (Friday).
See the screenshot below for details.
Apparently, the courier (2GO) did not deliver the LAST item to me. They did not inform me about it. It was supposed to be on a COD basis. Anyway, the first two items were delivered to me on July 4, 2014 so I did not expect that the last one will NOT be delivered. 
I've been checking 2GO's website (their tracker to be specific) about my parcel's whereabouts since day 2. Check the next screenshot.

The next screenshot is about the "cancelled" item.
Hmmm based from the above screenshot, the item arrived in my city on July 8, 2014 (four days after the first two items' delivery). It had been out for delivery only on July 11th! That was before typhoon Rammasun hit the Philippines. After the said typhoon, I checked their tracker again and to my disbelief they were already sending the said parcel back to Manila! Tsk. 

I am REALLY disappointed at 2GO and Lazada!
Both of them did not inform me about this. I contacted both of them right after I learned about my parcel being sent back to lazada. First, I contacted 2GO on their Facebook page and they did reply to me but their replies did not helped me at all (obviously). On the other hand, I contacted lazada on their main website. Same thing. We don't have a landline at home, otherwise I should have called them both. 

Below are 2GO and Lazada's replies...
SO, in the end LAZADA cancelled the last item in my order.
For some reason, they are NO LONGER offering COD in my city. WOW. (Slow clap). Tsk

LAZADA rating:
1/5 - For wrapping the items well with bubble wrap...

'nuff said. I absolutely DO NOT recommend buying at LAZADA. Good thing I did not spend too much on them. I was going to buy a phone and a sewing machine from them on my next order, but now I don't think I'll be doing that. I guess I've been fooled by these bloggers (they're PAID/SPONSORED by LAZADA) who raves about this shopping website. (They've been aggressively campaigning on FB, too.)

Let me hear about your experience at on the comments section below, or on the Disqus app (please wait for the app to load).
Thanks for reading!

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