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Collective Haul | December 30, 2012 - Trinkets & Treasures (my first papemelroti products) and HBC

I thought we now have a branch of Papemelroti here at Robinson's Place Tacloban. Apparently I was wrong, because we don't actually have a branch here, yet. When I visited papemelroti's website again, I found out that there are only two distributor/resellers in our area. No branch, yet. So sad.

I got excited when I saw papemelroti products at the second floor of Robi, but I got a little disappointed as well later on. Why, you ask? Because I've been wanting to buy and try their paper-making kit since I've heard/read about them online. But I wasn't able to buy this at Trinkets & Treasures (the store where I bought my first papemelroti products featured in this post). They told me that they only carry some Papemelroti products, but they don't receive the orders online, and hand them to local buyers. I don't know if you understand what I mean here. But, the point is I have to buy the kit online if I wanted to really try their paper-making kit :-(

Anyway, I ended up buying two products instead of only wanting to buy the paper-making kit! A canvas bag and a handmade paper pad/stationery. I looked up on Papemelroti's website how much these two costs, and of course I got disappointed again. T__T But okay their cute and handmade, so I'll try not to sulk.

Papemelroti Canvas Bag for Php229.00 while handmade paper booklet/pad for Php26.00 at Trinkets & Treasures.
At Papemelroti's site:
Photo credits from papemelroti's site.

Bless Your Heart Canvas Bag is Php159.00 / $4.55

FYI, the bag is roomy but it doesn't have a closure ( i.e. a zipper or a Velcro snap). 
So what I did was to sew a zipper on it! Yes, I am brave..LOL.

My instincts were right. I made use of the black zipper from my last Haul :D

Yep, that's me on the right. Sorry I wasn't able to take a proper/full photo to show how this bag looks like when carried around.
Not exactly the same with what I bought, but this is the closest that I found on their site.
Find time each day to rejoice in the journey Half Pads for Php16.00 / $0.46 

Well, it's not really that bad because If I ordered these two online, I would still have to pay for the shipping fee anyway.

Again, if you are interested with their products you can order them online here
Why I bought their products? Simply because I love and support handmade/recycled Filipino-made products. 

Now, moving on to what I bought from HBC.

FYI, HBC is also a Filipino brand. Yay, for being supportive of local brands/products!
San San Nail Polishes in Sunlit Gold (?) and Emerald (?). I'll update their respective names and prices later :p
Hmm reunited with one of my favorite body mist from HBC. Cucumber bliss :)
My mom uses this. Now, I kind of understand why... I'm not really into whitening/bleaching soaps, because it makes me feel that my skin gets thinner or something like that..but this one is an old pal so I use this from time to time..whenever I feel like I need some serious skin buffing :-)

This is how the soap looks like. I will probably post my review of this soap soon.

That is all!

*I will update this post with other names and prices soon. But I will have to find the receipt first* :p

BTW, I will be posting a DIY skincare post next time.
Please stay tuned for it if you like DIYs on skincare...
 I can't believe I haven't posted that skincare tip before! >.<

Thanks for checking this out. See you on my next post!

Happy New Year! >.< 

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