Friday, December 28, 2012

Collective Haul | Pre-Christmas 2012 & Pre-New Year 2013 Haul

Hi there! 
Today I'm gonna share some of what Eric bought for Christmas (mostly food items) but here I will only share toiletry items. As well as the things I bought yesterday (December 27, 2012).

Robinson's Place Tacloban - Supermarket & the Department Store
  1. Ivory Bath Aloe Scent Bath Soap
  2. Palmolive Naturals Smooth & Moisture Bath Soap
  3. Myra Hand & Body Lotion
  4. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bath Milk Refills
  5. Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder Complete Care
  6. Colgate Toothpaste
  7. Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo 
The receipt is missing, so I wasn't able to put each product's price.
Leyte Paperworld
  1. Columnar/Record Book (500 pages) - Php80.00
  2. Wrapping/Crafting paper - Php10.00
  3. Small Flat Brush - Php5.00

Novo Fashion House - NVJS
  1. Sewing Notions Set - Php25.00
  2. Garter - Php10.00
  3. Ballpen - Php10.00
  4. Granny Undies (Hahaha xD) - Php20.00
  5. A pair of scissors - Php40.00
  6. Eyebrow razors - Php10.00
Yeah, I wear cheap granny undies. xD
UNITOP Merchandise, Inc.
  1. Lm Two-Way Nail Art Striper Pen (Black and Gold), 17 x 2 = Php34.00
  2. Nail Polish Remover - Php4.00
  3. Trumpet toy - Php8.00
  4. Super Glue (actually it says on the bottle that it's a "Shoe Glue") - Php12.00
I bough the trumpet toy for Kian just in time for the coming New Year. We will be making lots of noise..bwahaha.

I bought two Lm nail polishes (stripers) before, but these two are both a nail art striper and nail art pen in one! I'm excited to use these two...too bad that the white and silver ones ran out already! They sell like pancakes here. It seems like everybody is into nail art-thingy these days >.< Makes me miss painting on my nails...

Rose Pharmacy
  1. Anmum Materna Choco Powdered Milk, 375g - Php344.15 
Of course, mama bear needs this. Wala na yung plain so ito na lang..masarap naman siya eh, di gaanong matamis.
Sidewalk vendor near corner Dunkin' Donuts-Jollibee
  1. Fruits (an apple, and two oranges) - Php20.00
  2. Cheap, trusty umbrella (maroon) - Php50.00
The story behind the umbrella is that...everybody here hates the rain/downpour but no one seems to like buying an umbrella for themselves, so I made up my mind to really buy another umbrella for those days that somebody needs one. My trusty old foldable umbrella (mid quality) is going to be one year old this January (yeah it's kind of special to me...) is still intact and useable, but now looks like eeeek.. so I figured why not buy a new one to abuse >.< Whatever, meh.

Ok, that's all. Thank you for reading/looking at my post. :) 

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