Thursday, July 12, 2012

Food trip: Sour Apple (Santol)

Ang Santol (The Santol). 

I remember asking Eric about  the English name for "Santol", but of course he wasn't also sure about it...haha. Good thing there's Google.
Wikipedia has a short info about it. Click here
So, sour apple it is. From another informative site, it's also called as "Lolly fruit". Click here. But I still like to call it Santol though :))

Now, onto some pics!

This is how I usually peel or cut this fruit. The same as how most fruit vendors peel it here.

 There are two types of Santol: the red and the yellow. I think what I ate was the red type. 

Some people don't like to eat it's rind, but for me it doesn't matter whether it's unripe as long as there's some salt! ^^ Yum! But of course, it's tastier when ripe.. it tastes a bit sour but it's also addictively sweet.
 I also like it when it's candied :) I used to eat candied Santol in my elementary/grade school years during recess... (A childhood fruit, eh?) ^^.

Have you tried this fruit? Do you like it, too? :)

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