Friday, July 13, 2012

Haul | July 5, 2012 - Robinson's Place Tacloban

Woooot? another late post..haha. 
We went (Kian, Eric and I) shopping for groceries at Robi (Rho-bye).
This haul will only show most of the items I have picked...or tricked my BF to buy. haha


1. Celeteque - about PhP 95.00
(I will be reviewing this product soon!)

2. Apollo Petrolem Jelly (25g)-PhP 27.00
 I only bought the smallest one because I think it's pricey. A little product goes a long way.

3. Green Cross Sanitizing Gel (60ml) - PhP 57.00

4. Saizen (Daiso) Whitening Body Lotion - PhP 85.00

5. Saizen (Daiso) Men's Cutoff/Fingerless Gloves - PhP 85.00

6. Saizen (Daiso) Eyewear - PhP 85.00

7. 17 Pimple Extractor Tool - PhP 17.95
I bought this for Eric. haha

8. Sisters Sanitary Pads Night (8s) - PhP 20.00

9. Robinsons Super Savers Disposable Razors for Women - PhP 99.00

10. What's this? 
Jujuku jellies inside a Panda bear coin bank! Cute! - PhP 204.55

I will post a jelly pic on Instagram :))

I asked Eric to store his spare change (5s and 10s) here :) 
He even managed to make Kian drop the coins for him :)

Will post a review of Celeteque facial wash, soon!

Thanks for reading :)

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