Sunday, June 24, 2012

Haul | Makeup Brush set (unbranded)

{Pic Heavy}

What: 11-piece Makeup Brush Set
Where: Gaisano Capital Tacloban
When: Feb~March 2011
How much: PhP 150~200
Origin: Either from mainland China or HK

I will put an asterisk "*" to those brushes I like or that I often use.

man-made leather case (lopsided, eh?)

Originally a 12-piece set but one brush was damaged (foam/sponge eyeshadow applicator). The damaged must've been due to overstocking? IDK. The other brushes were fine, it may also be that the said brush was of really poor quality.

I'll try to name what type of brush each one of these are (no labels). Correct me if I'm wrong. My knowledge of makeup brushes came from Youtube :)

1. Small eyeshader/eyeshadow brush

*2. Medium eyeshader/eyeshadow brush

*3. Large eyeshader/eyeshadow brush

*4. Small concealer brush

5. Eyeliner blending brush/ lipliner brush

**6. Angled eyeliner brush/ eyebrow brush

7. Eyeliner brush

*8. Spoolie (brow brush)

9. Eyebrow brush and eyelash comb (broken, the plastic broke easily)

 **10. Small fan brush (soft)

11. Large  blush brush 

...sheds too much hair! :'(

12. was an Eyeshadow sponge tip applicator & *13. a watercolor paint brush I decided to use as eye-blending brush :p (brown ferrule,soft!)

I cut a few hairs off in trying to make it more angled >.<

. . .
Now, onto storing them....

I found an empty can of Piknik :)

Whew! That's it. 'Till next haul. 

Thanks for reading! :)


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