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Haul | May 27-28, 2012 - Pasalubong



Actually there (were) 2 packs of Toblerone Mini....only 1 pack left >.<
Freia Firkløver
 Sex in the City 2 (Seduce) - ito daw yung sample (?)

Sex in the City 2 (Seduce) - full size

According to
"Sex in The City Seduce is a floral woody musky fragrance, ideal for seductresses and confident young women. Top notes: passion fruit, pink grapefruit. Heart: The water lily, amber and white. Base: patchouli, musk, white sandalwood."

Personally, this is very light for me, and it doesn't last that long...but for a gift this is fine for me. I can't describe exactly how this smells, but this is the one that I like most among the three perfumes presented to me.
Note: I don't really wear perfume or even colognes often, so I'm not attached to a particular brand for that matter (as of the moment)..

"Seduction in Black is a daring interpretation of the Blue Seduction fragrance, taking its seductive facet to the next level. It emphasizes woody, ambary and oriental accords, enhanced by an original and interesting spicy note that embodies the fragrance's freshness and sensuality." (

I really like this perfume...>.< Smells good and it really lasts all day. I don't know why but I actually like men's fragrances than women's...could it be because they're muskier? haha.



Lastly, this is a Starbucks Square Coin Purse. Obviously..haha. I'm not sure if this is really from that shop (doubt it). I'm not a fan and I've never been into a coffee shop so expensive. >.<
 I got this from Eric when his TL came back from a vacation, he doesn't think he'll ever use it so he gave this to me.

*hmm I didn't realize until now that we chose the same type of perfume...I mean they're both in "Seduction". :D crazy!

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