Friday, December 5, 2014

Five Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season


It's the holiday season again and we all know it's synonymous with the word SHOPPING, right? ;-) A lot of us are excited to shop for Christmas gifts this time of the year. But for me, I think it's the right time to shop for any items that are perfect gifts for any occasions.

Anyway, going back a few months ago  I wasn't able to gift anything to my special someone, so I have been searching online for some items that he may like and well, I was not disappointed. Here are some of the items I found online:

This looks really cool with it's color combination but I don't like its price tag! haha. ;-p I looked for some cheaper alternatives/ dupes but I couldn't find something really similar with this one. The color combination may be too common but this will certainly brighten up a dull outfit.
A silver bracelet is one of those accessories that you can't possibly go wrong with.

3. Leather Attache Briefcase

I am a fan of leather bags so I really like this one. I also think this would be perfect for my guy. I found this at

4. V-Neck Plain Shirt (Urban Edge Clothing)

Alright, this one is pretty simple but I like the bright pop of color. Besides, every guy should have a couple of basic tees. I found this from ZALORA Philippines.

Or this Stripe Tee With Floral Pocket (24:01)

Now, of course I can't let my guy not have a shirt with a little feminine touch. :-p My guy is not really that type who wears fancy/ fashionable clothes. So, this one will kind of make his wardrobe more interesting (well, at least for me). >.<
Plain and graphic t-shirts are available at this site.

5. Mezlan Joyce Oxford

If I were a man I would wear a pair of these. :)

What do you think about my list?
Please comment down below if you have any other ideas for gift's especially for men.

Until my next post! :-)

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