Monday, December 3, 2012

Shop Update (Verry Merry): NEW ITEMS! Perfect for Gift-giving this Holiday Season! :)

What's new at Verry Merry?

NEW ITEMS! (updated each month)

Check out this album for new in-stock bags, shoes, bottoms (skirts, skorts, short and long pants), stationery items, toys, etc!


Item code: Bag015
Php 999

 Bow Charmer Mobile Pouch
Php 180

 My Teddy Dots Mobile Pouch
Php 180

 Item code: Bag003
Php 399

 Item code: Bag011
Php 599

 Item code: Bag004
Php 499

 Item code: Expression Black Tote Bag
Php 145

 Happy Mori Case for Samsung S3
Php 390

 MOZ Style for Galaxy Note
Php 345

 Item code: 2W40
Php 370

 Item code: 3W41
Php 375

 Item code: 3W87
Php 375

Item code: LK27
Php 715

 Item code: LK29
Php 650

 Item code: LK57
Php 365

 Item code: 32LU05
Php 355

 Item code: 32LU06
Php 355

 Item code: N166
Php 200

 Necklace Blooming Butterfly (N165)
Php 200

 Necklace Owls Night (N164)
Php 200

 Item code: 29G04
Php 150

 Item code: 51G57
Php 165

 Item code: 40G37
Php 170

 Item code: 42G85
Php 180

 Item code: 60M19
Php 160each, two for Php 240

 Item code: LT27
Php 170

 Item code: LT78
Php 345

 Vintage Travel Pocket
Retail: Php 170
Wholesale: Php 760 for 8 pcs (one of each design)



 We also have new watches in-stock! Some examples below:

Item code: Watch017
Php 360

 Item code: Watch018
Php 380

 Item code: Watch019
Php 380

 Item code: Watch024
Php 380

 Item code: Watch025
Php 450

 Item code: Watch016D
Php 380


If you would like to order, please visit us at

and send us a private message (PM).  

Thank you for checking us out! :) 

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