Monday, December 24, 2012

Giveaway Alert and My Favorite Ana Victorino Makeup Tutorial!

First of all I would like to congratulate Ms. Ana for her second year anniversary!
I know that you're still on your way to a much greater success as a makeup artist, but I think it won't take that much time because you are very talented :-) Please continue to inspire us with your talent and passion for makeup.

If you happen to know her that's great! But just in case you don't please visit her on her blog:

or better yet, check out her YT channel! Click the link below to be directed to her channel.

BTW, my favorite Ana Victorino makeup tutorial is the,

Lana Del Rey Inspired Makeup Tutorial - anavictorin0 

I just like this makeup look. Besides I have a liking to retro/vintage/pin-up kind of look :-)

Now, onto the fun part.
She is currently giving away lots of beauty loot for her second (2) year anniversary.
Check out this link to know how awesome her prizes are!

She's giving away a total of nine (9) gift sets. Wohooo!

Merry Christmas everyone :-)

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