Monday, October 8, 2012

Haul: Zenco Footstep and Robinson's Supermarket - Oct. 8, 2012

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Hello! (As usual) my favorite activity is spending time (family day) with KL and Eric. We usually go shopping for grocery items at Robi, and when our time and/or budget (as well as mood) allows, we also shop for other things... This day isn't that special, but I am happy about it because we all had fun...Kian and I doesn't always go out. (In my present condition, I don't think I can handle baby Kian's naughtiness outside..huhu.)

Anyway, after we went to the newest Cellcom store at the downtown area to check out some of the gadgets out there (we're hoping for a new phone and tablet this December or January), we went to Zenco Footstep to buy a pair of sandals for me...but, we ended up also buying a pair of black shoes for Eric. Sadly, Kian's feet is still small, so we weren't able to buy a pair of shoe for him :( I also hated the fact that I wasn't able to buy the sandals I really wanted at first, because my shoe size was out! After that, we went straight to Robinson's for a light snack. Yummy hotdogs and some delicious Mangomagic (new stall) shake near food court. (Kian as usual changes into someone else's baby when he's outside, seeing a lot of things and other people...he becomes a typical naughty baby boy..poor nanay and tatay :(( but still, he's the cutest! Haha. He's not scared of unfamiliar faces, actually he's too friendly! He even agrees to let other people hug him if they like to...tsk.) While having our snacks, we went to check out the laptops at Emcor (hubby plans to get one next month or so). We also looked at the fancy bears at Bearhugs (?) which undoubtedly reminded me of our baby Thunder bear :( Of course, I got tired easily, so we finally went to the supermarket for groceries.. Lastly, we had our dinner at JCO. Ena (Eric's younger sister) joined us too! I wasn't that hungry so I only ordered siopao, while Eric and Ena both went for fried chicken. We also ordered some chopsuey solo and also some FC for Kim (their youngest brother). Since it was already dark outside and Kian gets crankier every minute...we decided to go home already. I am hoping for a good night's sleep :)

~haul proper~

Zenco Footstep
The Shoe Tree Beige slip-on flats, Size 6 - Php 375.00

Robinson's Supermarket
Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme (70% sol'n.), 250ml - Php 34.00
Carefree liners - Php 54.50
17 bath puff (already in use, not pictured)- Php 19.50
Bobbie nail creme (Night Blood), 8ml - Php 34.25
Bobbie nail creme (Pure White), 15ml - Php 41.50
Goody small wide-toothed comb - Php 26.00
Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm in Orange - Php 79.00
Tisyu coreless twin tissue (already in use, not pictured) - Php 11.75
Palmolive naturals shampoo (already in use, not pictured) and conditioner, aloe vera - Php 99.00 (?)
Palmolive naturals moisturizing soap in strawberry (already in use, not pictured) - Php (?)
Magic Flavors crackers in Cheese - Php 44.50
Quaker tropical fruit oatmeal (not pictured), 35g - Php 15.25
Quaker fruit&nut oatmeal (I ate it already!), 35g - Php 15.25
Hanny SP choconut, 16s - Php 34.00
Goya raisins 38g, (I ate this already!) x2 - Php 30.00

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