Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Haul | Oct. 3, 2012 - Maryland and 578 Emporium

Hello! Here's a short post about what I bought today. Yay for blogging this on the same day :) I only bought a few items. Most of these are actually needed here at our place, and only two items are for me...
*Again, I'm sorry for being so behind in my scheduled review posts (if you happen to read my previous post about those reviews, and is looking forward to it), I'm really sorry.. I still don't have a laptop replacement, nor my laptop is repaired. Right now, I don't think It'll be repaired honestly. I'm so sad about this...but I still hope I will be able to recover my files in that laptop. Well if I ever have a new one to use, and/or I am able to recover my files, I will surely post it the soonest as possible.
I went out around 3:40PM, and I was able to came back home at 5:42PM. As I said earlier, I didn't buy a lot of things. But it rained so hard I wasn't able to go back earlier...thankfully I'm a true blood girl scout 'cos I always bring my umbrella with me. It always saves me!
~haul proper~
Shop: Maryland
1. Yarn/darning needle, No. 6 - Php 35.00
2. Crochet needle/hook, Tulip brand dual sized 5/7mm, Php 100.00 (I actually wanted 5/6mm but the owner actually gave me the 5/7mm, well anyway, I already have the 5/6mm at home. I left it during vacation thinking that I will be going back sooner...tsk.)
Department store: 578 Emporium
3. A small set of sewing notion/s or meceria? - Php 42.00 (needle set, tape measure, thimble, threader, 4 clear buttons, 12 small threads, and a smal pair of scissors) Again, I already have a set of sewing notion but I left it. Since most us here needs this, I bought this handy one.
4. Johnson's baby powder for prickly heat, 25g - Php 11.45 (I hate this one. I think this is a fake product...the smell is suspicious just as it's cap is somewhat's thin which is different from what we usually buy...tsk, I think I will throw this one out. This is supposed to be for my baby boy :(
5. Mighty Bond Sakto instant glue 1g - Php 4.00 x 2 = 8.00 (I don't have an E600/0 glue for craft work such as sealing friendship bracelets, so I'll use this instead. I hope this will work just as fine...)
6. Beamarish's Royal Bibingka - Php 60.00 (This is a locally-made bibingka from Apitong. What's funny is that it seems/tastes like a chiffon cake rather than what a traditional bibingka least for us here. But it tastes good. As usual, I especially liked the toppings..sweet and creamy because of the cheese :)
Total = Php 256.45
That's all guys. All in all I am happy with these purchases...actually, because I was able to buy what I really wanted: the crochet needle and yarn needle. I wil be able to finish my moblie pouch :). Btw, I finally found where I could buy some felt fabric here at's around Php 90.00 per yard near Maryland's as well (I forgot the store name). Yay! Hmmm..I'm already thinking of making cute plushies. Thanks for reading! :-)

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