Sunday, September 23, 2012

Haul | September 3 & 9 2012 - Pre-birthday haul (Saizen/Daiso, NVJS, Gaisano & Robinson's Department Store)

*I thought I posted this already...but, oh well, screw bloggerdroid. I'm back with Blogger's Android app to blog this.
Since I haven't posted this before, it's still September and I still have the receipts.. Well, here is it.. kunyari exciting 'to (just pretend this is exciting).
*some items are not pictured here, sorry.
Novo Fashion House
1. Cute character pen, "Like Beethoven's rabbit." Php 15.00 *I'm now collecting cute pens..sadly this one is now officially broken. Kian broke it. Huhu
2. Large binder clip, Php 5.00 *To help me with making friendship bracelets, but now I use this more often as a tablet stand..hoho
3. Baby pink tray basket/organizer, Php 35.00
4. Plain hair ties in neutral and pastel colors, 2 @ 10.00 = Php 20.00 *Perfect for ponytails and plaits!
5. Roundnose pliers, Php 50.00 *for my jewelry-making...
6. Large square hair brush, Php 35.00 *Finally I found a good hair brush that doesn't cost me hair fallouts! Thr only thing I hate about it is the smell!! Smells like chemical or something, uh-oh.
7. Scrunchie in old rose, Php 15.00
8. Combination pliers, Php 50.00
9. Pink regular-sized pillow, Php 120.00 *hmm tummy pillow. A must-have for preggies.
10. Pillow case, set of two - Php 100.00 *one for me and the other one for Kian.
11. Hair clamp, Php 20.00
=Php 465.00
Gaisano Capital
1. Canon Thread, 2 @  58.00 = Php 116.00
2. Mouline thread, Php 5.00
3. Crochet needle/hook, 2 @ 8.75 = Php 17.50
4. Knitting needles, Php 61.00
5. Red Heart acrylic yarn, 3 @ 15.75 = Php 47.25
6. Long summer spaghetti strap dress, Php 229.75 *As a maternity dress...makes my tummy look really huge! Ugh. At least it has an interesting violet flower print...
= Php 476.50
Robinson's Department Store
1. Kotex fresh liners regular green tea scent, Php 41.75
2. Nichido promo pack (make-up palette/collection in Matted with a free liquid eyeliner), Php 100.00 only!
3. Careline pimple concealer in Natural with tee tree oil, 6ml - Php 80.00
4. Careline extra shine lip gloss in 02, 6ml - Php 75.00
5. Modella torquoise cosmetic bag/playkit,
Php 99.00 only! (One of my favorite purchase because it's in my favorite color and it's definitely a steal. It's also a well-made bag.)
So, all in all, Eric the sneaky fox treated me for about Php 1337.25 to be exact! Whew. I didn't expect him to do that.. But really, what I enjoyed the most is the family time we spent shopping... We (Kian, Eric and I) also shopped for some grocery items at the supermarket.
+Sept 3(?), 2012 Saizen (Daiso) haul..
1. Everbilena powder foundation, Php 85.00 *which I gave to Ena. It doesn't come with a powder puff..
2. High curling mascara natural lash in black, Php 85.00 *perfect for me
3. Meito royal milk tea (4 sachets in a pack), Php 85.00 *smells and tastes good!
Thanks for checking this out! I still don't have a replacement for my laptop.. :( but I'm always online these days :) weird.
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See you on my next post...hopefully my laptop will be miraculously repaired, or be replaced sooner, so I can finish my long overdue HHN review posts...they're starting to rot in my draft folder! Ekkk!


  1. Wow!! So many! You're really having the time of your lives! jealous..

  2. Hi Tqa London! I was just lucky that day..hehe. Thanks for reading my post...btw, you have a nice blog. I love your pictures. I think I'll visit again soon. Do you happen to be on bloglovin'?


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