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Where to Shop for Clothes if You're from Calbayog City and Other Store Recommendations (offline and online)

By the end of this year, my son is going to be five years old. Oh, how time flies! I can still remember the first time I held him. I fell in love with him in an instant. Now, he's grown so much. Of course, the same thing happened to me when I had my baby girl. 

My boy's going to start schooling this June, so I'm going to be busier too... I'm thinking of shopping for new things like clothes and school supplies. I initially thought that he's not going to be using/needing much, but when I examined his things I realized he already outgrew many of his clothes. Same thing with my baby girl of course. T.T They're growing up fast!

Since I am in the process of updating their wardrobe, I'll be sharing to you some of the shops that I've tried, and also some that I've recently been interested with.

As a fan of online shopping (and of course window shopping), I did a couple clicks on the web to look for affordable items for my kids, too.

Offline Stores (Calbayog Area)

1. SUIM Apparel Store. Home of very affordable clothes for kids and adults. I already bought a number of items here and I must say they're definitely for people who are in a budget but still wants to look fashionable.

2. Another option of course are muslim-owned stores such as at the corner of UCPB (bank). I will update the name of this shop later. I remember buying here a pair of flats and sandals. Mom also likes their shoes and they're priced reasonably, too.

3. Five Star Commercial. I used to come to their old store with my mom to buy small appliances. They were also known for selling pieces of jewelry like gold. Now they offer a variety of products in their new store. They added a number of products like a selection of bags, school supplies, toys, and apparel for both kids and adults. They also offer a lot of other accessories, beauty supplies as well as home improvement items. I like buying clothes from them because they're affordable, but my only concern is that the designs can be far from unique at times.

4. GV 99 Shop. If you only have a 100 pesos to spare, maybe you can visit this shop. For sure you can find a piece, or two that you might like. For me, I like buying cardigans and cover-ups from them, though they offer only few designs or colors. They also have clothes and slippers for kids.

5. SnP Gift Shop (if I'm not mistaken). Mom introduced me to this shop last year. They offer a number of things from accessories, toys, apparel and beauty supplies. I bought some toys and clothes here before. I find that the items are in good quality but some of them are a bit pricier compared to other shops in the city. I bought a set of clothes for my baby girl here for about 200 pesos , three months ago. The quality is good because it was made of cotton. 

6. Gemma's Fashion Store. They are going to open a new store near Metrobank. I am quite excited to see their new branch. It looks so spacious. The new building is already full with merchandise though it's not yet open. Mom and I used to go to their old store when I was younger to buy slippers and clothes. Some items were cheap but some aren't so. I'll definitely check them again at their new place.

7. NVJS Fashion House (or simply NOVO). Sells a variety of items like small kitchen tools and supplies, stationery items, home-improvement products, accessories, children's toys, small pieces of furniture, clothes and many other things! >.< I shop here for at least once a month. I've just noticed it now. LOL.

8. Vida's Mar. I'm not sure if this is the first Korean-owned store here. I've heard from some people that it's Korean, but I'm not so sure. They also have a wholesale store which is called Wenzhuan (which sounds more Chinese to me though). VM's very similar to NOVO, but it seems they offer the same products in a slightly different price point. I think VM offers more products compared to NVJS. I also noticed that they have more apparel/fashion items than them.

Of course there are many other shops in my city, but I can only say something about these shops because I've had transactions with them.

Another option, especially for house clothes is buying from secondhand or thrift stores. We have a number of these here too, but I don't like most of them. For the price, the quality (obviously used/worned out) is not reasonable. Well, at least for me. Hah! Say, for a used baby top they'll ask you for a minimum of 50 pesos, when in fact it should just be around 20-30 pesos. I've been thrift shopping previously in Tacloban City, and I must say they offer way more reasonably-priced items.

Online Shops (Philippines only)

1. Eazyfashion 
If you have an FB account and you're into online shopping, I'm pretty sure you've seen this shop on your newsfeed before. They initially offered only accessories, but now they have so many more.

Jasmine Top and Skirt Set
Amazing Spiderman Kid Jacket
I bought a number of accessories and a few clothes here before and based from the quality of these products and how fast they ship the items, they are really worth it. If you don't mind buying mall priced-like items, this is for you.

If you've been watching Asia's Next Top Model, I'm quite sure you've heard about this site. Right? The selections are almost endless.
ZALORA has a large collection of children's clothing at their Marketplace
Below are two items from their website.

Bow Princess Casual Doll Shoes
Bug And Kelly Green Dino Fossil Print Pajama Set(Toddler)
These two items would be really perfect for my boy. 
He actually likes wearing these types of pajamas.

3. Littleemily
I also like LE because they used to offer a couple of kids' items like busha pants. I bought two of these about two years ago. Now, these pants are quite small for my babies already. When I checked back they don't have them anymore. They only offer the short pants version currently. T-T It seems that they're now more focused on selling apparel mostly for women.

Ballerina Skirt Leggings
Busha Shorts

4. Lazada
LAZ offers a variety of products as well. I first encountered them through an online ad featuring mostly electronic products. I personally bought a few items like a sewing machine, some skincare products and a headset which I posted hereI haven't seen a specific section for kid's clothing on their website. But in terms of baby supplies and toys, they do have something to offer.

Hello Kitty Leash Bag (Blue)

Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Double Desserts Playset

I think this will be all for now. 
I hope I can add more from this list in the future!

Do you know any other shops from Calbayog City? And also other reputable Philippine-based online shops? If you know any, please comment down below for suggestions.

Thank you so much for checking this out! :)

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