Sunday, May 10, 2015

Polish Feature | OMG Nail Colors in Banana Boat, Disco Ball and Matte Potion Top Coat

Here are two nail polishes and a matte top coat from a local brand called OMG which stands for Oh My Golly or Oh My Girl; produced by Ming Mei Cosmetics.

2 coats of Banana Boat without top coat under artificial light source (night).
Picture taken with Samsung Note 8 front cam.

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2 coats of Banana Boat with Matte Potion 
Now, below is a series of photos of my nails with Disco Ball. 
Taken with a GE digicam.

This is what happens when you put your polish on late at night.  
Now, this is my right hand. Haha. Too many dents. I need to practice more.
Note: Banana Boat is true to it's color (lemonade yellow?). But it does appear a bit brighter in pictures sometimes even neon-y. You definitely need 2-3 coats of this to achieve an even color. The only problem I have is that the one I bought had a bad brush. Well, not that bad. I just had to trim excess hairs from the brush. I find that it takes a bit longer to dry if you put more than one coat (of course) so there's a need to use a fast-drying top coat, if you're like me who wants the polish to dry FAST! Disco Ball is a two-colored (pink and green) chunky confetti-like top coat. It's pretty most especially during daytime (when sunlight reflects light on these little things). It also has micro glitters which are barely visible on my pics here, but you can definitely see them in real life. The Matte Potion allows you to transform any polish into a matte one in no time! :)

*This is not a sponsored post. I bought these products with my own money. Any thoughts expressed here are mine alone. I'm not affiliated with the company I mentioned here.*

UPDATE: 05.11.15
My nail polish started "cracking" two days ago. So expect for a need to renew your manicure after 5 days after applying this one. I first applied this on May 4. Basically, this polish (Banana Boat) will last for less than a week.

Left hand. Cracking polish is clearly visible. 

Right hand. Excuse my very dry skin. I am molting. LOL.

Thank you so much for checking this post. Would you like to try these, too? Or if you have used them, what do you think? Comment down below. :)

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