Saturday, October 20, 2012

Haul | Oct. 19, 2012 - Tacloban downtown area

Hi there! I hope you're doing great, smile. There are a couple of drafts just lying inside my draft folder already T^T... I hope I will be able to post them sooner.. Anyway, here's what I got yesterday when I decided to go out to the CSC office, and to actually buy a pen. Haha. Not really bad (consoling my self...)
I first went to thevCSC office for my school assignment this coming Sunday...(I'm taking the CS exam...which I am absolutely scared about right now, because I wasn't able to review for it..really! I need a miracle... No. I must think positive! :p "The only way to pass the test is to take the test!" My motto from five years ago...u.) It didn't take much time, so I went ahead to the downtown area...I miss looking at little cheap trinkets! :p
Allisson Marketing
•Eyelash, fake eyelashes 024 - Php15.00
•Atomizer bottle - Php15.00
•Yoko nail polish (no label so I'll just call this "Yellow #4" because it's colored yellow and the only marking on the bottle aside from the brand name is "4.") - Php10.00
•Max Factor (obviously an imitation/dupe) nail file with cuticle remover tool - Php10.00
578 Emporium
•Lucky nail polish remover with moisturizer - Php6.00
•KMS Cosmetic brush 544 (angled brush) - Php15.00
•Kangmeishu Cosmetic brush 085 (small foundation brush) -Php35.00
I think these brushes are from the same brand/manufacturer...they look similar (packaging and markings)...hehe.
Leyte Paperworld
•Black Faber-Castell ball pen 1419 (S-Fine - 0.5mm) Pastel (mint green?) - Php12.00
Well, I need this for the exam, thankfully I haven't forgotten to buy this one... :p
Hmmm, not that bad for Php118.00 But I was a bit sad because I wasn't able to buy a nail art pen/liner at 578..they already ran out of it T^T
On one hand, I'm happy that I found a good and a very cheap foundation brush (win! Hehe). I saw some compressed facial masks, too! Been looking for them locally (at last.. DIY face masks...hehe). I also saw some cute nail art thingies at 578. I will try them later...I just hope that when I go back at their store, they already have a stock of Lm nail art liners . 
So, that's it! (I blah blah blah too much..haha)
Thanks, ingat! :)

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