Saturday, March 17, 2012

Haul | March 16, 2012 - 578 Emporium Mini Haul

I am not sure if they are using recycled plastic bags but I am sure that I hate how they pack things because I can't reuse them..they shut the plastic's opening completely!

See? Its completely shut! Maybe they are too afraid of shoplifters... >.<

I bought 2 Manila papers (PhP 8.00), 1 small plastic envelope (PhP 15.00), a small pack of buttons (PhP 6.00 for 4 pcs), a strawberry applique (PhP 12.00), and two Lm nai polishes.

 Strawberry applique it has a poem (?) or a good luck message hehehe.. :)

 blue shank buttons

I'm excited to try these's been long since I last painted my nails :( After my exams I'll try these out :)

..and here's Betty!

Meet Betty! (Although I am not really sure if it's a she or a he..o.o)

*FYI. This type of bug roams around our room when its dark and Kian and I are ready to sleep. They make distinctive sounds but I don't know how to exactly describe it..but they are harmless, I think. They don't bite...Kian even dared to hold one but he eventually tossed the poor bug away maybe because it tickles on the skin :p

Don't worry I didn't kill the bug.


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