Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haul | March 21, 2012 - NVJS

*What I really have to buy? Metal Paper Clips (idk it's exact name..)
**What I actually bought?
The paper clips,of course...++ pocket-murdered.

..and then I saw this mirror..haha.. I'm a sucker for vintage-style/inspired stuffs >.<

3 nail polishes (the 2 bottles colored black and green are called MLM) the red one doesn't have a label on it but it's very pretty and's also in a perfume-like bottle :) I haven't tried the black one yet...the green one is not that opaque compared to the red polish :(

Isn't this pink bear eraser cute? >.< This is for my eyebrow pencil and eyeliner...they badly needed a shave or two!

A new camera bag >.< 

...and finally a new wallet/ wristlet >.<  I like its print! first time to own an animal-print design stuff... haha >.<


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