Thursday, March 24, 2011

Final Activity for Psych 155...and what I bought yesterday.

Our activity was themed: Reaching out Beyond the Realms of Reality held at Asilo de San Benito, Babatngon Leyte.

Overall, I am happy that we were able to meet them in person, and to share to them some time...

Gud luck to all of my batchmates who are graduating this sem! :))

So now, I will reveal what I brought yesterday (I feel guilty for some reason but I can't control my self from buying it; its cute).

taattatatattatatatatattada.... I bought a Phoenix Mini Handheld Sewing Machine.... for P100 at a sidewalk vendor (near mercuy drug rizal?). Okay, so I forgot my promise again..hmmm but I can't help it..I know but..but..oh well...I bought it in the end..

I tested it a couple of times..and its working fine..I hope I'll get a god cam and put some pics here..and a tutorial too!

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